P1, Ferrari TheFerrari and the 918. Because these manufacturers looked at the increasingly tight Euroregs and environmental whatnot, and said "No. We will not bend over and take it like gimps. We will emerge faster, more powerful and still more efficient, so you can shove it, fun-police!" » 11/27/13 11:34am 11/27/13 11:34am

during the Communist revolution in China, it was decided that red meaning stop would damage the communists acceptance or whatever. So for about 6 months, some traffic lights had red for go. However, they couldn't change all of them quickly enough because y'know, the bottom one is go. So in certain parts of China, red… » 10/03/12 12:58pm 10/03/12 12:58pm

VW Beetle + Porsche Flat-Six in the back, RWD and a six- or seven-speed gearbox. Or a Suzuki Swift with a Busa engine and the AWD system from one of their quads. OR a Honda lawnmower with a Fireblade engine. God I need to get a life. » 8/10/12 11:40am 8/10/12 11:40am